We all have a story that needs to be shared. So how do we tell it with impact? How do we prompt our audience to listen? How do we inspire action? 

Learn to craft your personal narrative through this dynamic storytelling and public speaking coaching program made for womxn. In the in-person group cohort program, you along with 5-8 other participants embark on their storytelling journey together. This option requires participants to be "local" in or near the Fresno area. 

In the time we have together, you will:

  • Learn to craft your personal narrative
  • Navigate through fear and mental blocks
  • Find your speaking style and inspire action through your story
  • Learn public speaking strategies that work for you
  • Gain confidence in your voice
  • Conclude your experience with a real live graduation performance in front of  friends and loved ones where you get to put into practice all that you learn in the 10 weeks. That's right! In just 10 weeks, you can be telling your story on a stage with complete and utter confidence! 

 Fall cohort has concluded. Summer 2020 cohort coming soon. Sign up for our email list to make sure you get updates.