Vivian Valderrama, YSTT Academy Fall 2019 Graduate

For soo long, I carried around mountains of emotions from experiences that I’ve lived through. Some I could describe in a heartbeat. While  others, I’ve recently discovered I’ve managed to keep very well hidden…even from myself. 

With the structure, the weekly material provided within the academy and with the help of Diana, I was able to dig deep and connect with my inner self in ways I never thought I would  be able to. She helped me uncover raw truths about my past and my present that I did not have the tools to uncover and find all on my own. She can light up a room with her presence and her vibes. She is inspiration. Gracias mujer por existir y por conpartire  toda tu sabiduria con nosotros. 

Never in this lifetime did I imagine that by simply learning how to piece together and learn how to tell my story that I would find myself reinventing a brand new ‘me’ in the process.  Throughout my 10 week journey with the academy I’ve learned that we all have a story to tell. That we each have voice and that not only does it matter, but that the universe needs us to release it because we never know who is in need of hearing our words. 

My journey in the Your Story To Tell Academy has lit a fire deep within my mind, my heart and my soul and I will never be the same. May you have the courage to learn how to tell your  story, I promise you, you will not regret it. 


Jade Chatman, YSTT Academy Fall 2019 Graduate


I truly believe there is magic in the kind of healing a story can provide. It’s a mirror. It’s insight you never knew you had or even needed. It’s connection. It’s the purest form of escape. It’s freedom. 

I have always loved stories. In written form. In film. Spoken word. Over the radio. Theater. There is something about a story, on both ends, whether you are the speaker or the audience--that is incredibly cathartic. 

Learning to read was truly life saving for me. All of a sudden I had access to unlimited stories, unimaginable sagas, the entire world at my doorstep. Learning to write, was an entirely new adventure. It helped me sort through the universe that lives inside of me. 

For a long time, this universe felt like a big, black hole. I didn’t want to look in there for fear of getting lost. I truly didn’t know my own story--at least not how to tell it. 

Do you know how confusing that is? I struggled to compose all of the pieces of myself into a coherent narrative. I stumbled through chapter after chapter. It felt directionless. It was demoralizing. It made it very hard to be authentic. To Live my truth. To blaze my trail.

I don’t believe in coincidences. So, I will just say that through a series of divinely ordained events (including a tarot reader, a chance encounter, and an unlikely, for me, RSVP to a Facebook event)--I found myself sitting at the very first Your Story To Tell Academy graduation. I fell in love with stories, again.

My seat cradled a tiny flyer. The next academy would start the following month. My two friends, who had accompanied me, both looked at me and said “So, are you going to do it?” I didn’t know it yet, but I was, but I would do it.

The 11 weeks I spent in the Your Story to Tell Academy changed my life. Diana taught me how to structure a story, but more importantly she taught how to take ownership of my story, of my voice. She taught me to face my fears. To have faith and courage in my voice. 

“This is YOUR story to tell.” 

That’s what she said. That’s what I learned. No one could tell me it wasn’t true because no one else, besides me, had lived it. I needed Diana and YSTT. She helped me in the most practical of ways-- how to present my story, how to add that oomph, how to stand in front of a crowd. 

However, her biggest impact was almost spiritual. Diana truly has a gift for tapping into your need. For uplifting. Illuminating. She’s a light. She made me believe in myself and highlighted talents I didn’t even know that I had. 

Completing my graduation in front of 50+ people, was walking through a threshold. I spent most of my life, fractured. Fragmented. In a box. She helped me find wholeness in all of that. She helped me find more than clarity. She walked me into freedom.

The YSTT Academy helped me find myself. Call it destiny. Call it divine intervention. Call it whatever you will. 

I will simply call it magic.


Charis Ramirez, YSTT Academy Fall 2019 Graduate

 At first I was a somewhat nervous...  I never thought I would be performing again up on stage all by myself. But my inner voice kept on nudging me until I've met Diana Diaz whom I forever grateful for truly believing in me.

What I've learned in my 10-weeks journey at Your Story to Tell Academy is that it is important to share your story not only because this serves as a purpose to help people understand about our situations, how to connect with us even better but inspire others as well. Most importantly, it brings healing and wholeness to oneself.

I feel like I've lost all these heavy weight I was feeling in my heart. Free at last!


Celeste Corona Lopez, YSTT Academy Summer 2019 Graduate

Wow! Wow! Wow! is how I would describe the Your Story To Tell Academy if i had to in three words. It was transformational. I knew I had a story, a few stories actually, but Diana helped me chose the story that was 1. Most impactful in my life and 2. Most relatable to other women like me. 

Diana guided us through 1-on-1 coaching sessions and evening weekly homework that I enjoyed so much because not only did I learn more about myself but it also allowed me to do what she calls "brain dump" to get rid of all the noise and distractions. Diana is a master on what she does and she helps us get to another level of confidence to share our stories! 


Nelly Mendoza, YSTT Academy Summer 2019 Graduate

The Your Story to Tell Academy gave me a platform to tell a story that was buried  in me. Thank you for all the guidance. The lessons have helped me overcome my fear of executing my ideas. I have learned to clear my mind and find my artistic passion. 

This has been my therapy. I've uncovered a lot of deep wounds and slowly in this short period found some closure. It has inspired me to move forward with something I have always felt in my heart that I should be doing. I just didn't know how or where to start. Thank you for all of your patience, your flexibility, your kind words and your support - means a lot.