A skilled facilitator, keynote speaker, and storyteller focused on breaking cultural barriers, building courageous womxn and communicating the importance of crafting our personal narratives for maximum community impact.

Topics include: 

How to Tell Your Story with Impact 

Finding Your Voice

Prioritizing Yourself in Motherhood

Navigating Anxiety & Postpartum Depression

Connecting to Your Inner Rebel to Fight Fear & Pursue Your Passions

Identifying Your Work & Life Balance

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Experiences & Voices

CCHCC Latina Women's Conference


"It was amazing. I really am grateful that you were our speaker. The message you shared couldn’t be more appropriate for what’s going on in my life. I know everything happens for a reason and I know God is leading this. I’ve chaired this event many times in the past 11 years and I have to say.... this was the most impactful. I heard it all day long."

We All Grow Summit



“Diana dominated the stage and was able to transport the audience. Diana has a gift and she needs to keep sharing her story. Es poderosa!” 

"Diana made me feel as if I was there with her. I could feel her pain to the point I was in tears. I also suffered from anxiety so her story touched me."

Teatro Luna Performance


"Diana's storytelling comes from a raw, personal place and yet she is able to make it accessible to anyone who happens to be in earshot of her voice. She isn't afraid to talk about the real emotions and feelings that are emitted from people who are closest to her. Part performative, part conversation, her stories speak to everyone while making you feel like you are in on a secret. I can say this first hand, because her story also spoke to me."  -  Christina Igaraividez 

RAWWTalks Two


"The moment Diana walks on stage she sets the scene. She puts you in the position of being the protagonist in her personal story of affliction. You feel the walls close in, you suddenly notice your own breathing, you are there with her as she summons up the strength to dial for help. It is incredibly empowering to have a fellow Latina stand up for the cultural inequities of mental illness and bring it to the forefront. She speaks to us and for us!" - Cyntha Guzman-Beahm 

RAWWTalks Three


"I feel I’m a pretty vulnerable and transparent person, but even I was shocked at how deep she helped me go. I really came to the root of my fears in a way that has never come to me in the past. It was incredibly POWERFUL. Diana creates such a safe, welcoming space for all of us to reflect deeply and turn that vulnerability and fear into our power."  - Nikki Henry

Central California Women's Conference


"Diana genuinely created a safe space for me to be my authentic self and share my worries, fears, accomplishments, etc. It was in that moment that my belief grew about our soul recognizing when you find treasure here on earth. I found treasure when I met Diana, and when I opened it, it shined so bright." - Rocio Gonzales