It's Your Story - Learn to Tell it with Impact

Fall Cohort Opening Soon


We all have a story that needs to be shared. So how do we tell it with impact? How do we prompt our audience to listen? How do we inspire action? Apply to the fall cohort and learn how!

Learn to craft your personal narrative through a 10-week interactive program made for womxn. Led by Diana Diaz, founder of RAWW, storyteller, mental health advocate, wife and mother of twins, the YSTT Academy will consist of biweekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Diana, group coaching sessions, and weekly interactive exercises.  

Fall Cohort Opening Soon

Only 10 Spots Available


  • Womxn seeking to inspire others through their story
  • Womxn community leaders 
  • Womxn seeking growth in their personal and professional lives
  • Womxn advocating for womxn empowerment through sharing of narratives 



  • Learn to craft your personal narrative 
  • Navigate through fear and mental blocks
  • Find your speaking style and inspire action through your story
  • Learn public speaking strategies that work for you
  • Gain confidence in your voice 



  • A polished 4-5 minute narrative tested for public delivery 
  • Skills and resources that will nourish all parts of your life 
  • Participation in the YSTT Academy graduation event, where you will share your story with friends and loved ones


This is not a standard public speaking program. Diana's focus is helping you hone in on the most impactful parts of your story. While we will cover public speaking strategies, it will be with your unique story in mind. 


Diana is not a licensed therapist or mental health clinician. Conversations between coach and student are meant to be strictly nonclinical but also 100% confidential. We highly recommend seeking a licensed therapist to work through and heal past or existing trauma and/or other health and wellness issues. 


Cost of Program is $997

(or 3 installments of $333)

No refunds 


Meet Diana

Founder of Real Authentic Women Wellness (RAWW), a revolutionary nonprofit focused on breaking mental and sexual health related taboos and stigmas for women, Diana R. Diaz is a true example of what someone with passion and a vision is capable of accomplishing. As a wife, mother of 3-year-old twins, and survivor of severe anxiety herself, Diana is an avid advocate for mental wellness. Diana was motivated by her life experiences to create RAWW as a way to initiate honest and informed conversations in nonclinical spaces. Named RAWWTalks, these events draw upon the art of storytelling to cover topics of depression, anxiety, sexual empowerment, sexual trauma, sex education, mental abuse and many more subjects that are typically considered tabooed. Today, she is on a mission to teach women the importance of telling their stories. 

"You want to see real and sustainable change in your community, then learn to tell your story" 

Diana is a proud Mexican-American and Central Valley native, daughter of farm workers and a first-generation college student. Much of her work through RAWW is a direct result of what she experienced in her own culture. While the Mexican culture is rich in history, music and food, many aspects of it do not favor women. Generally, it means having to deal with machismo, shame associated with mental issues, and discouragement of healthy conversations about sex. For Diana, creating RAWW was a rebellious act—something she found to be extremely liberating, as it gives her a chance to assert her feminist perspective and help other women in the process.

Recently, Diana was selected as an official Storyteller (the only one from Central Valley to be selected) at this year’s #WEALLGROW Summit—a sold-out Latina conference in Long Beach that brings together the most influential community of Latina creators and entrepreneurs in the country. Diana is also a proud recipient of the ‘Spirit of Women Award’ from Saint Agnes Medical Center, in partnership with ABC30. The award is bestowed upon women within the community who utilize their unique gifts and abilities to make a difference in the lives of those around them.



So happy you asked! I always say that if you want to see real and sustainable change happen in your community, then YOU should learn to tell your story. 

See, from the moment we exit our mother’s womb, our existential lives are filled with turning points, shifts, and pivots. Early on, we blindly bought into the notion that our time here on Earth is linear. Society and culture taught us that we had to enjoy our childhood, go to school, finish school, get the dream job, find the soulmate, have the kids and voilà happily ever after…

Wouldn’t that be something… 

What we NOW know is that life didn’t quite turn out so linear. Life just happened. Your life reached a turning point, a shift. Good or bad, the experience forced you to change. Lessons were learned and now here you are, newly transformed and with a newfound perspective. Let me be very clear when I say this… that right there is a gift, YOUR GIFT. 

And gifts are meant to be shared. 

Believe it or not, there is incredible power in YOUR story—as mundane or as grandiose as it may be. Learning to tell your story effectively is one of the hardest most worthwhile things you will ever do. Because when you learn articulate your experiences and emotions in ways that move people into action… you create an army of changemakers. So while one story alone may not change the world, collectively our stories create positive ripples for generations to come, and thus leaving our legacies.

Join us in the fall cohort! Let's explore your story together. 




Cynthia Guzman-Beahm, Artist & Calligrapher


"The moment Diana walks on stage she sets the scene. She puts you in the position of being the protagonist in her personal story of affliction. You feel the walls close in, you suddenly notice your own breathing, you are there with her as she summons up the strength  to dial for help. It is incredibly empowering to have a fellow Latina stand up for the cultural inequities of mental illness and bring it to the forefront. She speaks to us and for us!"


Nikki Henry, Ladies Leading Ladies

 "I feel I’m a pretty vulnerable and transparent person, but even I was shocked at how deep she helped me go. I really came to the root of my fears in a way that has never come to me in the past. It was incredibly POWERFUL. Diana creates such a safe, welcoming space for all of us to reflect deeply and turn that vulnerability and fear into our power."


Rocio Gonzales, Juice Words

 "Diana genuinely created a safe space for me to be my authentic self and share my worries, fears, accomplishments, etc. It was in that moment that my belief grew about our soul recognizing when you find treasure here on earth. I found treasure when I met Diana, and when I opened it, it shined so bright."



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